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Designing Your Technology House with Wallpaper

Transform your technology house interior with beautiful wallpaper. Wallpaper adds depth to your interior spaces, helps to create a mood and can express a variety of styles: modern, classic, rustic, urban, and more. New products on the market now make for easier installation and removal, giving you the freedom to change your wallcoverings often if you choose.


  • Painted Fabric: Natural-fiber fabrics are often pre-treated with acrylic paint so you can hang it on your wall just as you would a roll of paper.
  • Vinyl: A sturdy and versatile selection, vinyl wallcoverings tend to be the most popular.
  • Natural Fibers: including paper, grasscloth, reed, or stone.

Preparing the Walls

Whether you want to put up a classic or modern wall covering, you need to be sure the wall surface is free from blemishes. Many wallpapers are installed directly over existing wallcoverings, which can pose serious problems later. Remove well-adhered wallpaper, along with any remaining glue, and clean it with diluted washing soda or vinegar. Repair any holes or cracks with spackling paste, sand, and paint.

Pattern Types

When it comes to wallcoverings, patterns are the icing on the cake. There are wallpapers with abstract designs, large single prints, stripes, plaids, borders, and more. Popular trends such as faux finishes, faux fur, flocked wallpaper, and specialty finishes like fabric-look wallpaper are great for creating a unique space.

Installing Wallpaper

Before hanging any wallpaper, you should gain a basic understanding of the installation techniques. Start by measuring your wall for square footage, and then measure and cut the wallpaper for each section. Be sure to purchase the correct adhesives, making sure they are the right type for your wallcoverings. Paper and fabrics are hung differently. Finally, measure from the ceiling to the baseboard and cut away any excess wallpaper at the edges.

So, when it comes to wallcoverings, you have a lot of choices. But with the right materials, prep work, and installation techniques, you can create stunning wall designs that turn your technology house into the perfect home.

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